K&B Early Design - Purple Rush

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In 1905, Gustave Katz partnered up with a pharmacist from Memphis named Sidney Besthoff, to open a drugstore at 732 Canal Street in downtown New Orleans. The Katz & Besthoff company, known to New Orleanians as “K&B,” went on to open over 50 stores in New Orleans (with an overall total of 182 stores in six states by the 1990s). K&B was truly the city’s corner drugstore, and a true local institution. Most of the stores also had a soda fountain, selling food and K&B’s own brand of ice cream and soon, everything including vodka, beer, toys, school supplies, film and much more had their own "double-check" purple logo. While K&B is no more, visitors to the city will still hear K&B fondly spoken of by locals as one of those things that, sadly, “Ain't dere no more.” Today, you can still enjoy wearing a vintage 1947 K&B logo on your shirt! 

We've done our best to pay homage - the art is Hand Created from original art from 1947 and the design is Hand Printed in the South on the front of a Women's Poly-Combed Ringspun Cotton-Rayon Tri-Blend Purple Rush semi-relaxed feminine fitted t-shirt with our NOPSI logo printed on the back. Simply the softest tee that feels like a well loved favorite. Wear with pride and celebrate your New Orleans history!

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